Will you be mine? …..asks GOD
imageHe actually asks for a date daily…have you been saying yes to CREATOR’S  LOVE?

GOD accepts you and values you and understands YOU like NO OTHER…

THAT IS INTIMACY…HE TRULY WANTS THE BEST FOR YOU but will always let you choose…whether to love or not and INVITES YOU ….

When you feel truly loved for who you are… you feel younger…

you feel like smiling
you are excited about life
you want to be your BEST
so go ahead …
talk to GOD and listen for HIS voice telling you how much HE LOVES YOU….HE WANTS TO BE YOUR BEST  VALENTINE every DAY!!!
…take a walk in nature and in the silence HE WILL SPEAK….

open HIS WORD…hear HIS voice say ….all day
….I SO LOVED THE WORLD…YOU…that I created everything for you and then I GAVE MY ONLY  begotten SON….to live and die and LIVE AGAIN FOREVER  …to take ALL YOUR PAIN and sin so that  you  can become my sons & daughters spiritually , not just Physical children of GOD
living in my kingdom of JOY, PEACE and right living
( forgiving….speaking the TRUTH in LOVE ….
doing JUSTLY,  loving MERCY and walking Humbly with the Heavenly Father
and send you a constant comforter called the HOLY SPIRIT….





WOW ~ WHAT LOVE….flower
keeps me smiling , laughing and dancing ~
SO join me , won’t YOU ?
in the dance of GOD’S incomparable lovely love …once you practice with HIM …you will NEVER want to let go of HIS embrace!

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