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Mercy Trumps Justice

I so agree with the wise words of Honest Abe Lincoln, our most popular president who said,

“I have always found that Mercy bears richer fruit than Justice!”


~ Abraham Lincoln

We need Justice, to be sure,Abraham Lincoln

but to LOVE MERCY, ahhh….

how can we love mercy without the help of JESUS?

….oh to be like HIM in every way!

Micah 6:8 tells us the KEY. It reminds us to walk “HUMBLY WITH OUR LORD.”


I remember so clearly my dear mom telling me of the faith & kindness of her mom & grandparents in Germany when we went on long walks when I was young. I wish I knew even more of the amazing war stories as her family helped many , including the Jewish people in trouble and hearing the bombs dropping nightly. She did not know her father well because he went off to the Russian front when she was little and he did not return for 16 years after barely surviving the Russian and Polish prison camps after the war had ended. And though I did not meet him ~ I cherished the gift of a toy baby carriage that he sent me from Germany shortly before he died. Grandparents are  very important even if it is only through the stories that we share to keep the legacy alive~

So newly realizing that so much of our brave forefathers wisdom came from the BIBLE – NOT a surprise to those of us who know the Bible and know the TRUE HIS~Story of this  Nation’s founding and the sacrifices of our founding fathers.

“Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair!” ~ George Washington

(from the top of the Lewis County Courthouse in Washington State)

What standard?    Mercy!

“With malice towards none and charity for ALL!” ~ Abraham Lincoln

OH LORD, Have Mercy on us ALL!

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