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Always keep the most vital


or remember to RE~ vitalize quickly!

 breathing….hydrating…. exercising

 body ~ soul ~ and especially spirit


˜Together we must pierce through the darkness and change the atmosphere of where we live and move and have our being even MORE  and also ALL OVER THIS LAND AND GLOBE!

I AM ALL ABOUT CHRIST and Him living in me the HOPE OF GLORY!!!

“For me to live IS CHRIST but to die is gain” says Paul in Philippians and I agree because I have died in many ways, at many times and have been at many death beds.  I am not characterized by living in FEAR or Doubt, including fearing death! because GOD’s grace has always been there for me since I was a child.  I HAVE BEEN THROUGH ALOT but GOD has ALWAYS been faithful to encourage me and be with me supernaturally and naturally because I ask HIM to and expect Him to.

I KNOW GOD AND TALK TO HIM all day just like breathing.

I HAVE NOT MISSED A DAY READING my BIBLE for over 30 years and meditate on the truths I gleaned there all day long. That is my spiritual hydration like drinking water.

The BIBLE is my B.asic I.nstruction B.efore L.eaving E.arth and the BEST LOVE LETTER daily ever… just for me!

Prophecies from the Hebrew Text and the New Testament Bible (the whole Bible) are coming true right now in Israel, Egypt and your back yard …. the Americas …Europe…each one our neighbor….

WE are commanded to LOVE the LORD with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength AND…  to love our neighbors as our self… IMG_2365

…the GOLDEN RULE that comes from the mouth of JESUS, the Messiah, MY ONLY Messiah taking me to the throne of the HEAVENLY FATHER GOD and sending me HIS HOLY SPIRIT because I asked. They give me more JOY and PEACE than I know what to do with each day….usually…characterized by a smile and counting my blessings!



SPIRIT….SOUL….BODY….and really move things around for the better!!!!
IN our bodies first…helping others whenever possible…starting with a smile!

JOIN ME here often for a healthier WALK with GOD & ALL HIS CREATION….

Actually, I mean DANCE,

headerJesus said we must be like children to even SEE the KINGDOM of GOD!

Be like a child ~ COME DANCE WITH ME!


Gratefully & Truly, ~’grace’anne~t’Ruth*

“May the God of hope fill YOU will all joy and peace in believing as you TRUST in HIM,
that YOU may abound in hope by the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT.” (Romans 15:13)
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  • Grace, thank you for introducing yourself at cheers tonight. Interesting blog. Hope we have an opportunity to talk about such things. Whatever, I wish you well. And wouldn’t that be a fun thing to talk about. Life presents rush a cornucopia of opportunities.

  • Thank you for making me smile today! You reached out as a complete stranger and made me laugh and lifted my heavy heart in a grocery store check out line of all places! Your timing was perfect and I am so grateful that your kind soul crossed my path.

  • THANK GOD! It truly was MY pleasure! You made my day as well! Everyone should greet their
    “neighbor” as if they might be in pain. I actually was grieving the loss of a dear new friend and neighbor that I found dead last saturday. I have only be in the tiny town visiting for months and he had lived here 30 years and I was the only one who seemed to care! God ALWAYS cares! He had been dead a week when I found him! Thank you for your comfort in reaching back! WE CAN BE THE CHANGE TO BRING GOD’S KIND~ KINGDOM COME! HERE NOW!!!

    • Grace, I am so grateful to the Lord for you and your obedience to be the love of God poured on earth. I was grieving inconsolably over Bill’s death, as it would have been only a matter of two or three weeks before we would have been in CA to see him.. I worried about his being so all alone. But I see that God in His infinite mercy truly loved him and so He sent one of His precious laborers to minister to him weeks before his demise. You may think that he was not receiving or believing, but I know by the sovereign will of God and His power that much more was accomplished for Kingdom glory than we know.
      Again, thank you, continue doing what you do and may you be bountifully blessed in all you do.

  • My pipes broke. My house flooded. I suffered an ulcer. because of all of this I am suffering depression. I had to grocery shop for my ill son, and as I was in line you turned around and gave me two long hugs.

    Thank you Lord.

  • Hi! Remember me from Lighthouse? I was wondering if you might be interested in having some invitations for handing out to any Pacifica kids you see this week… To invite them to join us for our super fun Easter celebration. :). I want Pacifica kids to think of Easter as the coolest and greatest celebration of the hope God brings us. :). So if you want invites, just tell me where to drop them off. Thanks! And I love your website!

  • Thank you for being a ray of positivity and joy in my life. You are such a vibrant and beautiful person. It’s people like you that I meet during my job that make it bearable and worth it.

    • It is in giving that we receive! Thanks for taking the time to show gratitude!

  • So grateful for your refection. I love you.

  • Hi, this is the bellhop that checked you into your room at the Dallas Hilton Anatole. I wanted to let you know that you are truly God’s messenger to heal those with heavy hearts and in need of comfort and support. Thanks to you, I found your site extremely uplifting of my spirits in great time of need. Thank you for being such a shining light of God in a crazy world. I plan to return often. You are AWESOME!!!—Mike

  • Thank for your kind soul and persona !
    Thank you for your warm smile and friendliness .
    It’s amazing how God creates us and unites us . I felt Something special and could see it from you. Christ in you !
    Our father is a good good father even when we don’t deserve it . Our life has been heavy this past week. I kept praying for encouragement. Something . Just to see that there’s actually hope left in humanity . Thank you ! Will be reading everything on here. Nice meeting you ! Thank you for spreading the love to my child today at the grocery store. God bless your heart and soul.

    • Dear Karla~ How grateful I am to “make a difference” every day by just being aware, thoughtful & kind…following Jesus’ example as best as I can. I remember being encouraged when I was a young mother & all through the 30 years of mothering my large family. The kind words would come just a the right time and would mean so much to me as well. Surely you will enjoy the website that is all about encouraging mothering called aboverubies.org also.
      blessings always~ grace’t*Ruth

  • …Thanks for your prayer Sunday… I feel confident, therefore joyful, knowing God knows what’s best for me….. Keep “fasting all negative thoughts” (I read a book with that title)

  • So encouraging to meet people like you , Rush , in the joyful dance of life that have a heart to serve & help all especially “the least of these”….orphans & widows in their time of need. Meeting you & checking out the blog about your work in Romania for the orphans is very inspiring. May a passion for compassion grow in each of our hearts until the whole world is full of PURE LOVE….
    Hallelujah ~ may God bless you in every way dear brother & those who support you at :
    The video touched my heart & I recommend it ! My closest & dearest friend of 40 years adopted her first two children as orphans in Romania & helped many others do the same 23 years ago!

  • It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very nice to meet you Ms Grace. This is Abril from Whole foods in Dallas ! … I will read your blog. Thanks for reaching strangers!

  • You said something about fate, this has me intrigued.

  • hi Grace, met you at worship around a year ago. Found the card you gave me. Hi

  • Hello there Grace,
    I met you a few years ago, outside of the New Leaf store HMB – I believe you joyously pulled out your accordion and played me a tune. I just wanted to send you greetings and a smile. It was a pleasure to spend a few minutes with you.

    • YEP ~ I DO pull out the music for very special occasions~ when the SPIRIT moves me to. The pleasure was mine dear Rebecca & I send a smile & prayer~full greetings back to you from my heart ! May your day & journey be full of more wonder & joy knowing how loved you are by our Creator. Psalm 23

  • Thank you God for sending your precious daughter to Luke and me. So much prayer, sharing and rejoicing blessed us greatly. Graceanne you are treasured and welcome here anytime. Sending hugs, prayers and love to you. I have never in 76 years met anyone even close to your commitment to serve and love Him. Thank you for inspiring us.

    • Well, Bless your hearts dear ones! I have not done much on here for a while & JUST NOW seeing your kind comment. Forgive me for not responding earlier! So grateful to have met you! I will always cherish your gracious & generous hospitality!

      Meeting & praying with many one on one in the marketplace & as I travel around the world is my passion & JOY !!
      Once in a while I get to visit the homes I am so often invited to. Hospitality is such a key message that Jesus taught & modeled for Kingdom living. How beautiful was the last supper HE prepared for his disciples in the upper room and how He looked forward to breaking the bread & sharing the Passover manna & communion cup with them just as He does with us now …. and how He longs to commune with us Daily I believe as I think of the book of Acts and the growth of the Holy SPIRIT lead body of Christ ~~ the Ekklesia ( not a building but more like a family who does the Our Heavenly Father’s Will be done above all~~ local & global ! ~ 2 or 3 gathering with Jesus in the Midst & preeminent ) …. May we continue to each do our part to help GOD’S KINGDOM COME & GROW & WILL BE DONE On earth as In Heaven. JOY & PEACE Increa~SING to you dear Pamela & Luke & all who read this Romans 15:13 Let’s keep overcoming for such a time as this Revelation 12:11 and beloveds,let’s ponder also the last words in The Holy Scripture which is also my closing prayer: “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen” Rev 22:21, Grace grace GOD’S AMAZING GRACE TO YOU !!

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