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Eating healthy for LIFE

What you eat & what you think is WHO YOU ARE…!!!

I lean towards a RAW & VEGAN diet as much as possible with Spirit lead exceptions.

I can tell how I am sleeping & feeling LARGELY depends on what I eat.

How good can I feel? ….that is a question I think of first thing in the morning…For the better I FEEL the better I treat myself & others and the more I can help others.

It really does start with habits. What do I first THINK about…& put into my mind and mouth….am I going to choose to eat healthy ~ eating to live  or do I live to eat?

How the day begins sets the stage just like how to start to feed a baby. Changes are harder to make the longer we wait…Don’t procrastinate.

DO IT NOW!!! CHOOSE A RAINBOW DIET!!! nice , organic fresh produce then watch how much better & nicer YOU PRO~DUCE…& reduce your healthy & mental ‘issues’
BE WISE ~ EAT WISE ~~~~ EAT HEALTHY FOR LIFE & BE AN EXAMPLE before you try to teach others! It will be contagious when they see your energy & vibrant glow…IT CAN NOT BE HIDDEN…and then the spiritual eyes open so much easier!…LIFE IS WHAT I WISH FOR US ALL ~~~ ABUNDANT HEALTHY EATING & THINKING LIFE TO SHARE!!!

FRESH APPROACH.org  What a great organization I discovered …or actually they discovered me…from the town I was born in even….!!

How impressed I was by the free Library program I ” happened” upon giving away farmer’s market dollars to come to classes to learn about eating healthy ~ why & how!

for more info check out :

Here is just one of the flyers from the 5 week class!

DO VISIT A FARMER’S MARKET or create a market in your neighborhood.

Let’s get back to the garden of good eatin’ …..


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