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a breath of fresh air

At an accident  what is the first thing to check the victims for?


~ ~are you breathing shallow or DEEPLY& ~health~FULLY???~~ with joy

~are you breathing shallow or DEEPLY & ~health~FULLY~ and even JOY~fully? ~


That is of utmost importance in an emergency or when having a baby  or ANY GREAT LIFE EVENT~ for ALL involved. KEEP EVERYONE BREATHING!!!

In daily living it is NO DIFFERENT actually, because breathing is KEY to all of health~ THE LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD and the blood would not be ALIVE without OXYGEN! ( see the other breathing blogs please)

A person is not considered living if the Spirit is gone out ~ the breath stops. Of course we can be artificially kept alive physically ~ mouth to mouth or a tube….SO SIMILAR TO PRAYER….those that can not or will not pray for themselves do certainly have someone else praying for them. WILL YOU JOIN US AND START BREATHING for yourself and others? AND I DO NOT MEAN SHALLOW prayers….that is like a shallow breath or a shallow laugh…. half~ heart~ed~ ly….truly PATHETIC!

Prayer is simply talking to the CREATOR ! Open your mouth and ask ~ are you there? …..and then LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART…..YOU WILL HEAR AN ANSWER…not necessarily the way you think because GOD is a SPIRIT and “speaks ” in a variety of ways…

BE PREPARED FOR LOTS OF LOVE and a little correction if you are doing something damaging to yourself or others! That is TRUE love ~ wanting the BEST for you ~ offering advice when asked and letting you choose.

I CHOOSE LIFE AND GOD’S ways ….which means there are safe boundaries for me & those I interact with. It is a learning process. Speaking our truth with love .

Saying no to unsafe & unhealthy environments & people to be  as safe & healthy as best as we can. AH,we need deep breaths &  the serenity prayer. WISDOM from above!

LET’S BE VIBRANTLY ALIVE ~~~ THRIVING ON DEEP BREATHS AND PRAYERS…THAT is why exercise and Yoga, meditaion, ect….are so popular…. and they all have some benefit …BUT NOTHING CAN SURPASS THE PEACE OF GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT THROUGH DEEP BREATHS OF THE SON OF GOD JESUS CHRIST MY LORD and THE HOLY SPIRIT !!! THAT IS MY TRUTH~~~ GO AHEAD & CHALLENGE ME ON THAT ONE!  enlighten me further IF YOU CAN~~~~GOD IS MY VERY BREATH OF LIFE …MOMENT BY PRECIOUS MOMENT…GUIDING ME TO ALL THE ANSWERS I NEED OFTEN THROUGH NATURE….our GOD GIVEN GIFT OF THAT STILL SMALL VOICE WE CALL …INTUITION…AND EVEN YOU QUITE OFTEN~~~~!!!!BUT WE MUST BE STILL…turn off distractions…like FAKE~ BOOK and T.V. the internet~ spider web….ect….these are all great tools that are controlling way to many & robbing them of true & inner peace. CONTROL THEM OR THEY WILL CONTROL YOU…SELF ~ CONTROL is something we ALL NEED to reach for and practice with help. A deep breath is where it ALL starts~ asking GOD FOR HELP ( first!) and others as GOD leads…one prayer~and one breath at a time.

WHAT kind of air we breath is a LIFE & death matter. IT IS VITAL!!!

FORtunately, I have the RARE gift of being EXTREMELY sensitive to ALL SMELLS  & things good & bad….TOXIC & HEALING….yes every breath we take matters. In a freshly painted house your whole body is compromised….why do they post cancer warning signs at gas stations because of the fumes….ALL these “smells” that most do not PAY any ATTENTION to, are affecting us all and the little children, pets & bees especially.

Stopping to smell the roses turns out to be one of the MOST amazing preventative cures!

SO, to make it much easier for us all ….there is an AMAZING company of essential oils in glass bottles for such a time as this ……

do consider contacting my friend Lorna :  Oilychef@gmail.com ( mention that Grace sent for VIP treatment….just kidding ~she was a neighbor for a season & treats everyone so warmly ~ love you Lorna!)

and ask her about the BEST ESSENTIAL OILS AVAILABLE ON THE PLANET…she so generously shared her knowledge and samplings with me & my friends & family ( we all and their pets have had OUTSTANDING results…my sister in law the day after her first intro class woke up feeling the  “BEST I HAVE FELT FOR YEARS!”….)

I have always stopped to smell the roses and used to raise lots of roses to share bouquets almost daily and have always used what I thought were good “pure & real ” essential oils until I discovered the oils Sharon teaches about. NO WONDER I COULD NOT USE OTHER ROSE OILS!!!! A rose nose ~knows a true rose!

SO do breath deeply and please stop & smell the roses and then spread the healing fragrance of the

“ROSE OF SHARON” with those you live with, know & greet….

" fresh wild rose petals are the most healing fragrance in the world & the best t.p. on a hike too....tee hee!"

” fresh wild rose petals are the most healing fragrance in the world & the best t.p. on a hike too….tee hee!”


with grace & t*ruth lovingly and a WHOLE bouquet of roses!!!


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