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         “He who   FORGIVES FIRST  wins .”       ~  William Penn

              ~~~ LORD , Have MERCY on us !~~~

Thank GOD for HIS overwhelming ocean of forgiveness and loving~kindness that I experience & live in! May we ask God to keep helping us to forgive our enemies & bless those who dispitefully use us & hurt us. May we speak the truth in agape LOVE & forgive ourselves & others when we fall.

Hurting people hurt other people and need God’s touch of grace & forgiveness to be  healed & made whole. Once truly forgiven by GOD~ people can FORGIVE!

People who truly know GOD’S amazing LOVE are people who can love anyone through anything. PURE AGAPE LOVE. ONLY with GOD are all things possible.

Great is God’s FAITHFULNESS!

“The LORD on HIGH is mightier than the noise of many waters ~ yea than the mighty waves of the sea!~~~

I will TRUST in the LORD on HIGH!” ~ Psalms


Halleluyah! the one word the same in every language ~

the uni~ verse !

LORD~ MAKE us one ~ as JESUS & the Father are one!

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