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thank GOD for Dad


….even after death or absence a legacy can live on…

Abraham LincolnSeems like my dear dad dy is more alive than ever~

in my heart and life~

~even though the last time I saw him physically was on his deathbed 22 years ago at age 80 years “young”~ as we sang him peacefully and sweetly into glory, to the tunes of his favorite gospel hymns ~

Ahhhh   ~Amazing GRACE!

He taught me so much and people that knew him say I am just like him ! To me that is a big compliment because we have the same passions~ loving God & loving people ~ HEALTHFULLY ~ sharing our truths with love!

And just like my daddy~ I would not dream of missing the daily personal love letters from GOD the eternal mail ( e*-mail)

( listening to and/or reading the Bible daily ) and meditating in God’s truth day & night

( psalm 1)

so I can open my mouth with kindness ( prov 31) and learn how to live my life to the fullest!

I inherited the BEST BLESSINGS from my daddy~ his FAITH and one of his favorite well loved Bibles!

He had me memorize at age 10 two important chapters from his beloved favorite book : Psalm 1 and Proverbs 31:10-31. How glad I am for that!

        THANK YOU DEAREST DADDY for EVERYTHING and for being YOU!!!!


I am also SO thankful to all the dads out there that want the best for their children and work so hard ! GOD sees all and will reward you! And don’t forget if your daddy , mommy or child is not in your life ~GOD cares and hears your every prayer. He is THE ONLY PERFECT PARENT. And when you can not trace what  your Parent’s hand is doing in your life TRUST THE LOVING HEART of GOD!


~from one grateful daughter

a special thanks to the father of my fantastic children!

The wonderful legacy continues !

~~~~ ” with malice toward none and charity for all!” ~~~ Abe Lincoln

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