Blessings to Moms & ALL ~ daily!


“I looked on child rearing not only as a work of love & duty but as a profession that was fully as interesting and challenging as any honorable profession in the world and one that demanded the best that I could bring to it.”~ Rose Kennedy        


         ~  Grace wholeheartedly agrees ~


Thank you MOM ( Omi)  and ‘the motherly’ everywhere TODAY!


photo copyLet’s teach children well~

to LOVE all creatures big & small ….with grace & t’ruth

IMG_6012Yep~ that’s me …practicing lovin all the children of the world of all ages & colors…then & now…

red …brown…yellow…black & white…got a little of all the colors in my blood & heart!

Happy tear~filled day for me as bittersweet memories flood my soul…Missing my dear momi who sang & read to me, loving me beautifully until she died almost 20 years ago in Deutschland, 3 years after my sweet daddy died by my side in Ashland…missing my firstborn son who died in my arms 25 years ago in Oakland …

HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY  TODAY DEAREST LUKE Henry Clifford _____( 9-16 May 1990)

May all be comforted in losses like these including myself & my dear former husband of 33 years!We NEVER “get over” griefs like these but we hopefully learn to live with them ~comforting others as we heal!

For all of those who miscarry a baby I share your grief in that as well~ 8 miscarriages…6 in a row between my last 2 precious sons!…GOD CARRIES THEM IN HIS ARMS ….we carry them in our heart for ever! Comfort those around you wherever you are because we are all hiding griefs too hard to bare unless someone cares….BE JESUS to someone ….be their “angel” in disguise by having a listening heart being willing to risk reaching out to “touch” the hurting hearts under the frowns and smiles! WE ALL NEED A FRIEND!

Whenever I am not with my precious children & grandchildren I miss them and today especially I hope they know my love since we are not together & live in different parts of the country scattered around the globe but NEVER far from my heart!

Let’s keep making lemonade on the days that seem to be full of lemons & then share it with others!

“IF We can’t be with the ones we love~ LOVE THE ONES YOU ARE WITH!!!”

AHH….now that sounds REFRESHING & healing!!! ~ LOVE, with or without the lemon~aid!


BLESSINGS ON YOUR DAY WHOEVER YOU ARE!!! I hope we can hug & share some lemonade soon~until then


~grateful for the sacrificial example of the mother of Jesus ~ YESHUA! and all of us with mother's heart's today....especially the ones who are weeping... may we be "held" in wings of love!~

~grateful for the sacrificial example of the mother of Jesus ~ YESHUA! and all of us with mother’s heart’s today….especially the ones who are weeping… may we be “held” in wings of love!~

JUST LOVE SOMEBODY !!!! it will sweeten a bittersweet life…trust me!

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