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LOVE TRUTH divergently


be different ~ be divergent~


grace always


Happy May Day tomorrow & today ~ daily ….fight war by giving a flower away daily…often secretly & to strangers….! and if you don’t have a flower…a smile works too!!!

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Whale Warning US to REMEMBER

Pacifica , CA  15 April 2015    An unusual sight that hundreds hiked to see!  ~ grace was there mourning  at sunset!

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Remember who made thee and all the fishes and this great whale of the sea Hint :   Genesis 1:21

Remember who made thee and all the fishes and this great whale of the sea
Hint : Genesis 1:21

Declaring that I am at the right place at the right time, like yesterday I just “happened” to be at a Library when someone named Ruth came in and recognized me and told my friend and I about the dead whale on the beach just minutes away! ~WOW..GOD makes sure I do not miss a thing unless I am supposed to miss it!

I trust Spirit’s leading and even welcome & embrace the sombre moments as well as the jubilant ones until they all become one in the sea of life  ~ ebbing & flowing and connecting to renew again. That is the ocean of God’s love to me! All around me, comforting me in the saddest moments like this golden warming sunset at my beautiful friend the whale’s wake where hundreds attended and marveled at this amazing dead sea creature washed ashore.

There are many verses in the Bible about Whales… (Genesis 1:21 ~ Ezekiel 32:2 and whole chapter important  Job 7:12 and Matt 12:40) here are a few to look up yourself and see that GOD not only created the whales but that HE uses them as signs and as helpers to help people be where they belong ~ doing what they are to do~: LISTEN to your heart to have compassion : CARE for each other and all living things ~ honoring the CREATOR in everything ! THAT IS TRUE WORSHIP! DOING THINGS GOD’S WAY IN LOVE! Loving all and speaking the truth in love!

Save a whale and your children by eating organic and non GMO and be careful of what you put on your skin…DO not spray commercial hair spray and bug spray….google natural solutions & healthy remedies that DO NO HARM to the least …then the BIG things will  BE well, as well and so will we all! THE LITTLE BIRDS & BEES MATTER TO ME AND GOD  ….BUT SOMETIMES GOD HAS TO SEND A WHALE since most do not listen to the bees when they show up dead on YOUR DOORSTEP from the poison SPRAYED on YOUR HAIR and underarm and the toxic hand “sanitizers”  dish soaps …PLEASE READ & STUDY ALL ingredients………oh….how can we be so ignorant?.. IGNORANCE IN NOT BLISS!

MOST listen to EVERYONE  especially the $ making media…instead of the remedies of the gran~ mas…like me! ha ! listen to your grandma & grandpa or adopt a wise one. When you walk & listen to the wise YOU WILL BE WISE too over time.

And most…UNTIL NOW ignore GOD and THE LAWS OF LOVE …FIRST DO NO HARM to yourself and others and the bees & trees !….GOD IS UPSET ABOUT HIS EARTH being raped for profit AND HIS CHILDREN NOT LOVING THEMSELVES AND EACH OTHER and taking care of the creation that is here to be a blessing to us ~ HIS PATIENCE HAS RUN OUT….AND THAT IS A LOT OF PATIENCE….

EVERYONE WILL LISTEN everything that can be shaken WILL BE SHAKEN…


GOD WANTS NO ONE TO PERISH but to live in TRUE PEACE….we each have a choice to do our part….I CHOOSE LIFE! …I CHOOSE LOVE… I CHOOSE my words and I choose TO HELP ALL that I can in my walk of life …each neighbor and person I pass however briefly ~ I want to share Go’d greeting! GOOD DAY! to you & me with a smile at the least …to the least!!!for they are the greatest!!!Jesus said… …the JEW the MUSLIM.. GREEK…GERMAN…NATIVE AMERICAN..MEXICAN ..ITALIAN…ALL and I MEAN ALL…I love my enemies even and have forgiven all who have harmed me ~ my daddy modeled that  and my enemies have turned into friends even….God takes care of my enemies and I feel sorry for what happens to those who harm me…I GRIEVE when someone hurts me or anyone or any thing….and now I SPEAK UP for those who can not…including this whale and all the Jews who died during the Holocaust ( today we remember that sombre date and do our best to prevent history from repeating)…or the Indians who died during the trail of tears….WELL I SAY : THE TRAIL OF TEARS STOPS WITH ME…for I WILL wipe the tears…please help me …reach out to those who grieve and laugh & dance the rest of the time! LIFE IS MEANT FOR LIVING ….not surviving only….REMEMBER

In one of the prison death camps a famous writer penned the quote something to this afftect , ” You can not always choose your circumstance or surroundings but you can always choose your attitude”….that person will thrive & help others survive and hope~fully THRIVE TOO!!!

Live in BLISS here now by helping a stranger …pausing to listen…weep or smile…whatever is appropriate

~Living in JOY & PEACE NOW doing the right thing by loving your neighbor as yourself and taking care of the earth to help each other live the way GOD intended ~ in Harmony ! Remember GOD and read the love e`letter just for you daily !

ASK ~ SEEK~ KNOCK … will see ….IF YOU REALLY WANT TO!~  grace always        follow me & like me on twitter   please? pass the WARNING with love

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May we only follow the Spirit of truth & compassion from now on.



especially for all my single friends ~

here is a great link to listen to  about dating & marriage:

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Stand for TRUTH with GRACE

How can I keep silent when children are dying all around and lies are being sung in the churches and ruthless greetings on the street!

Hello ~ how are you ( do you REALLY care???)

I DO ~ I SHOW IT …Some months I am penny~less “widow & orphan”  with no place welcome to lay my head…and yet I still carry food to share and a kind word…do you???

I have gone many months with NO regular income but what GOD has provided through the strangers I have helped and stayed with and sometimes family of God ~

real family~helps real family without controlling or being controlled.

I have not been supported regularly for years by any church or organization…it is just me and my “strange group of aliens & friends of sinners”…the grace of GOD & the kindness of strangers…GOD always PROVIDES!…not always what I want but ALL THAT I NEED and in abundance to share…I have never had to beg for bread. Some of the beggars that I share my food with have become my best friends …some have given me the “shoes off their feet when i needed a pair”  GOD IS MY LIFE SUPPPORT… my CARE GIVER…HE HAS ALWAYS been faithful because I ask CREATOR FIRST !!!! The beggars almost always give me a smile and a hug back…I AM SO RICH IN FRIENDS & JOY!!! the “things” that matter most!


What IF you ONLY have a smile or a hug or a listening ear  to share …? IS THAT enough ?

YES~ i am told DAILY ~~~ “you made my day!”~

“you changed my life when I met you…”

“I will NEVER forget your kindness”

” you have changed my life forever”

“you look like Jesus to me!”

” Who are you? ….how can I thank you?”


How WONDER~ ful is that? To make a DIFFERENCE EVERY DAY….bringing smiles and good cheer and peace wherever my feet step…sometimes just with a look.

FOR JESUS IS MY BEST & TRUEST FRIEND since a horrible car accident when I was only 5 years old….IN MY EXTREME grief of losing all that I once held dear here on earth many times in my life and losing my life several times~~~ I embraced GOD’S Cross of LOVE AND found the heart of GOD!

GOD’S heart of COMPASSION….for the least of these ( me!)…the servants…the mothers…the crippled and hideous looking ones…the ones that most ignore…the spanish speaking gardener…the tatoo covered skateboarder…the drunk…the glutton ( even in the church!)… the murderer…the rapist…the smelly homeless traveler….kicked and cursed at by the bullies ….sometimes in a uniform…a public servant? ….we should all be compassionate public & private servants to ALL!!! ….knowing when to put up boundaries!

WHO DO YOU SERVE?….let me see where you spend your money & time. That will tell me who your GOD is and who you love you really care?

ARE YOU RUTH~ less? or do you even know what LOVE IS? Unconditional love…

wanting the BEST for others without controlling or being controlled!
LOVE DOES something…LOVE IS PATIENT….it reaches out to the one that is needy on the way to your party or your “church ministry” ….or your football game…. WHO IS YOUR GOD?

MY GOD IS LOVE….JOY….PEACE….PATIENT… I live in the  KIND KINGDOM of that love daily…whether sleeping in my car or camping with the homeless or in the millionaire homes who often love their home more than the people in it so that in the end all they have left is an empty mansion!

I WILL SPEAK UP for those who can not speak up~ I CAN NOT BE SILENT ANYMORE…

people are dying ….neighbors that need a touch of grace!


leave me a comment or leave someone an apple….or at least smile at the next stranger…

in the mirror….and across the street

It could be Jesus or RUTH or YOU!!!!…..

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