~RE: fresh with PURE WATER~

water your self pure~lyGOT WATER?

After deep BREATHING… body, soul,  AND spirit breathing, that is.

(see breathing blog please!)


water…water …water your cells!

and just like plants you need Sun SHINE TOO !

(see Sun post)

And once again I am talking about all 3 levels of hydrating & refreshing your cells…body, soul and spirit…

Let’s start with the body~ Which is 70% water and needs a LOT for all the organs to function properly …especially the brain!…go grab some quick…but make sure it’s is GOOD WATER!

WATER…the purest and plenty of it !

When arriving in a new location ( especially when traveling I often ask at Health Food stores for local springs or find the best water purification system in town since I have RARELY drank tap water for 35+ years after my goldfish died overnight when we moved to a town with floridated water)…Was I going to put THAT POISON in my pregnant body?


SO, for years we used filtration systems …but on trips I discovered wonderful free & pure springs from talking to the locals  in Washington , Oregon and California.

( THE ABSOLUTE BEST SO FAR was in Mt Shasta , California and now a company called Castle Rock even bottles it. ( glass bottles by the way are the safest way to store your water , especially in a hot car)

In Half Moon Bay, California there is a great “watering hole ” and connector of NEAT  health conscious people called LIGHTHOUSE WATER ” the pure water store”. Tell them Grace sent you for your first free Gallon!…ahhhhh!

It is actually fun to get back to going to the ” well ” and drawing your own water~ !

BREATH the purist air you can…drink the purist water you can and think the purist thoughts! and then MOVE your body through fun exercise outside in the SUN as much as possible….and repeat!

( recommend reading : YOUR BODY’S MANY CRIES FOR WATER

and/ or Paul Bragg’s Water book and all HIS books are excellent especially if you can find his original books)

Reading pure words refreshes your mind, NATURE and GOD’S Spirit REFRESHES your SPIRIT and …( Isaiah 55:1 , John 4:14, John 6:35, John 7:37, Matthew 25:35, Romans 12:20) Jesus said , ” he/she that believes on me shall never thirst”

That has been true for me…I am always guided to the purest refreshment ….and

Pure Water refreshes! …

so stay refreshed so you can refresh others with PURE WATER!


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