Keep on Moving~ Exercise for FUN!


FIND the funnest exercise you can or make it FUN…because if you like it you will keep on doing it!

Invite a friend too!!!!

EVERYONE should walk if possible… DAILY or almost daily !

The fresh air with deep breathing , the sun (or rain:-) on your skin, watching the seasons change , meeting neighbors and making friends or just alone quiet time at the beach or in the woods…Ahhh one of the easiest health secrets there is!

As a mother, a good stroller was always a priority ( and we went through several with our large family!) because walking was such a great stress reliever and/or prevention of stress as well!

Swimming in unchlorinated water, hiking, bicycle~ riding , gardening and dancing with children have always been my some of my favorite exercises…and of course trampolining  especially on my mini~ trampoline ( more on that later!) Laughter actually can count to some degree IF you laugh long enough and hard enough to get everything jiggling.


There are spiritual exercises that each person can enjoy doing as well and actually need to in order to understand life…The Bible talks about each one having at least one gift to be used to build up the  his “church” ( like parts of a body~ each doing their part to be healthy) , because God’s church is not an actual building but the people who love God as their loving King and His kingdom principles sharing and doing what you have…some are teachers… some open their homes… some have the gift of healing but all of us can exercise opening our hearts to loving the poor and needy especially the orphans and widows in their time of need…visiting them…on the streets jails…rest homes…or even next door….we do not have to look far…even in the mirror is someone who needs a smile and a kind word!

Speak love to yourself and others!….start now!

SMILE AND count your blessings and then share them!!


“people don’t stop moving because they get old

we get old  BECAUSE we stop moving!”

some of the youngest people I know are the 80-90 year young dancers!!!

That is HOW I WANT TO LIVE AND DIE….dancing and laughing all the way…

(In fact I was dancing on the beach just yesterday by myself in the SON~shine of GOD’S amazing LOVE)


add link to core video by david s. at truth


“May I have the next dance with you?~”

lovingly,     GOD


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