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Laugh while Nature Heals

“amuse the patient while nature heals” ♥   ~aristotle

Nature is still the best chemist because GOD planned it that way back in the GARDEN…NATURE HEALS

In the big~….inning of life here on earth. IN the garden…Victory gardens…GOD was the FIRST gardener after all and is the Gardener in the last book ….REVELATION…

I recommend reading them side by side ( Genesis and Revelation) like book ends REALLY COOL to know it WILL ALL TURN OUT GREAT though it gets a bit messy in the middle and anything worthwhile is messy…gardening….relationships …good books….LIFE!!!HA!HA!

Gardening does so much and it is too bad that more children do not grow up in gardens…in God’s good earth…sunshine, exercise, the healthiest of foods when organically grown and all from a few seeds…or starts. IF necessary, even a kitchen window garden is a good start.


So remember…

NATURE HEALS….! and THANK GOD for creating nature.

BECAUSE it is really GOD who heals because GOD created NATURE!

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