Be Well~

~Come here often for encouragement and inspiration!

  To Always keep the most vital


or remember to RE~ vitalize quickly!

 breathing….hydrating…. exercising

 body ~ soul ~ and especially spirit


˜Together we must pierce through the darkness and change the atmosphere of where we live and move and have our being even MORE  and also ALL OVER THIS LAND AND GLOBE!

I AM ALL ABOUT CHRIST and Him living in me the HOPE OF GLORY!!!

“For me to live IS CHRIST but to die is gain” says Paul in Philippians and I agree because I have died in many ways, at many times and have been at many death beds.  I am not characterized by living in FEAR or Doubt, including fearing death! because GOD’s grace has always been there for me since I was a child.  I HAVE BEEN THROUGH ALOT but GOD has ALWAYS been faithful to encourage me and be with me supernaturally and naturally because I ask HIM to and expect Him to.

I KNOW GOD AND TALK TO HIM all day just like breathing.

I HAVE NOT MISSED A DAY READING my BIBLE for over 30 years and meditate on the truths I gleaned there all day long. That is my spiritual hydration like drinking water.

The BIBLE is my B.asic I.nstruction B.efore L.eaving E.arth and the BEST LOVE LETTER daily ever… just for me!

Prophecies from the Hebrew Text and the New Testament Bible (the whole Bible) are coming true right now in Israel, Egypt and your back yard …. the Americas …Europe…each one our neighbor….

(Go to to see what my good friends are posting on their site, keeping us up to date around the world and right next door, with news sources you will rarely see anywhere else)

WE are commanded to LOVE the LORD with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength AND…  to love our neighbors as our self…

…the GOLDEN RULE that comes from the mouth of JESUS, the Messiah, MY ONLY Messiah taking me to the throne of the HEAVENLY FATHER GOD and sending me HIS HOLY SPIRIT because I asked. They gives me more JOY and PEACE than I know what to do with each day….usually…characterized by a smile and counting my blessings


SPIRIT….SOUL….BODY….and really move things around for the better!!!!
IN our bodies first…helping others whenever possible…starting with a smile!

JOIN ME here often IN a closer walk….

i mean DANCE,


with grace & truth

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