hugh…MORE U more! BEST health exercise!

LAST week I was SO blessed to go to a free comedy concert called Laugh all night!NAZARETH

I did!

and you should too… laugh all day & all night whenever & wherever possible

my sides and mouth laughed and I felt SO good!

when is the last time YOU laughed long and hard and deep?

IF you have to think about it …it has been TOO LONG!!!

start laughing now and if you need help go to Nazareth…

yes, that is his name and his site is


do you like to play with WORDS   OR do you not like to play at all

with        wORds   games……music!….dancing is just playing with music

try that too!

LAUGHTER & movement are the BEST medicines and a JOYful heart is a reJOYsing heart~

dancing through life like a healthy child!

DO laugh especially at yourself…I sure do and GOD will join you and boy is HE  the BEST comedian ever….

but most of HIS audience do not get HIS jokes…. i do …do you?


ahhh ha ha hall e lu yah      ha  ha ha  …..ho ho ho     HOsanna in the HIGHEST….!


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